5 thoughts on “Amy Climer”

  1. Is he going to eat it… or just see whats in there? This is fantastic, I know people like this, that will find any type of animal and if they can catch it they will kill it and eat it. No matter what it is.

  2. This is very common for some people but I think the artist was trying to provoke some sort of disgust. (Just a hunch)

  3. there is a ton of texture in this photograph. i think it can be enhanced with some more contrast.
    is that a dead bird? artists like to use the dead bird imagery. anything to emphasize the beauty in the grotesque is good. very well done.

  4. I don’t see any intentional provocativeness happening here. It looks like a pretty honest, straightforward shot of a pretty straightforward activity. For a lot of people, this is where food comes from. And rabbit isn’t terribly out of the ordinary where food is concerned.

    Sometimes a lot is lost in the translation from photographic print to digital, but I think you might want to crank up the contrast a little in your print if it’s not popping more than this in person.

  5. I think the overhead perspective works well for this image. However I did find the ziploc container and plastic bag distracting.

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