5 thoughts on “Joseph Glenn”

  1. i had to look at this twice to really get it. i had to do a double take but i think that’s what’s cool about it. it makes you look again. i’d like to know the inspiration behind this.

  2. I like the idea of human foosball. I could see maybe more of the same player on each team somehow organized on the field. Maybe just a line of three against another line of three (i.e. the forwards against the other forwards) from the other team. Might be an interesting way to expand on this image.

  3. I definitely had to scroll back to look at this picture. It is a very interesting concept and a nice composition all around. It makes me wonder what the player in black is thinking (if this were actually real)

  4. I also had a double take with this picture (no pun) and I really enjoy the simplicity in it. I’d say it’s a normal photo to begin with, then to alter it simply like you did, it gives it it’s own specialty. Instead of being a super big deal digitally altered photo, it’s something unique. I’d like to see a series, maybe of different sports, or all soccer. I’d say keep on the track of simple photography, not the “perfect picture.”

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