2 thoughts on “Dain Yaun”

  1. With a lamp, a source of light, chosen as the subject for this image, it some how manages to feel sad and haunted. Compositonally, the viewers’ eye moves nicely around the image: from the negative black space to the left, the floor boards leading toward the lamp, and the rays of light illuminating the door carvings beyond. Because this image is in black and white, the focus is a bit off, and it is relatively dark, the lamp represents a shred of hope, of life in this sad, silent room.

  2. I enjoy the old rustic house vibe this images gives off. The old wood with the lamp and 1970’s telephone under it allows the audience to see the time period along with the symbolism in the wood, dark and a little dreary. Great image with the light being the only lighting in the image.

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