9 thoughts on “Tyler Robbins”

  1. this is either children of the corn, or cloning the stepford children. i like it though at first it just looks like a bunch of kids but then when you look again you realize they’re the same.

  2. I feel like these children are going to take over the world and run people over with their big wheels. Watch out.

  3. Ha!! This is adorable! It’s a perfect example of kids playing on a sunny day…it really captures the movement in play!

  4. I love how this photograph was shot… low to the ground so that everything around seems so big, which is what the world is like to children, I’m sure. I like how I didn’t notice right away that they were all the same children either, very clever!

  5. Very interesting. It makes me thing about what we are teaching our children and what our nation is leading to. When we are young we are taught what is right what, is wrong we are controled and told how to act. Is almost as if we are tring to be molded into one, yet as we grow older we go against it all.

  6. This photo is almost dizzying….I could see it as a creepy stop action movie. I’m usually not a fan of digitally constructed images, but this one is done very well, and it takes a couple glances to realize that it is repeats of the same child. It’s meaning is very suburbia/ perfect life, but makes you think there’s something deeper and not so perfect about it.

  7. I absolutely love this image. I work mostly with children and movement and capturing their behaviors and this is just a great piece. The angle from the ground is nice and also something I have been working with. This work is inspiring some ideas for me so thanks and great job.

  8. I really like the V shape of the kids on the bikes, but I almost wish the basketball hoops were removed from the image. The composition works well with the clouds, but I feel like the hoops interfere with that. I would be interested to know what the story was behind this, or how you came up with the idea.

  9. I understand it is media art. I can see the copy and past. I really like the composition of children. The children on the bike are in great composition.

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