17 thoughts on “Jackelynn Quiroga”

  1. I really like this photo. The composition has a great balance of color and texture. It’s a little unusual, but that’s what takes this picture to another level. It’d be interested in seeing this concept continue into a series.

  2. This creeps me out and is kind of funny at the same time. Although I don’t know if it has a serious message I shouldn’t be laughing at.

  3. This is like every outdoor nude portrait I’ve seen…but then it’s not. Great job twisting the ordinary into something interesting!

  4. My family has a cottage on Lake Superior and the beach looks just like this. I love walking down it and finding weird things that wash up. That is what this reminds me of- weird stuff on the beach. Concept-wise I feel like is says something about feeling incomplete, but maybe I’m way of base. An incompleteness without nature or because of it.

  5. I love this image. The composition and tonal range are really nice. I think all the different elements and textures of nature contrast so well with the artificiality of the manikin. The photograph is whimsical and creepy at the same time, and it really works. I kind of like the lack of description, because it feels like each individual can have their own idea of what the image is saying.

  6. I love this concept. It ties everything together, males & females, manmade & nature. Its a great concept. Like one of the other comments said, it’s just like every other nude outdoor portrait you’ve ever seen, yet it’s not. You add a great twist to it. I wish there was just a little bit more contrast so that the mannequin would stand out just a touch more, but other than that i love it!

  7. The mannequin almost looks like a real person at first glance. Once realizing its headless and armless I couldn’t stop staring. The contrast is great, I really love how you can see the texture of the rocks

  8. This is an excellent photo. Great contrast between nature and manmade. This contrast is further enhanced by the wide variety of value, the sharp angular rocks and the organic smooth water.

  9. I find it intriguing to see objects placed outside there normal environment. The rigid rocks and water have a very interesting contrast. Leaving the mannequin naked and headless can make the viewer uncomfortable, which isn’t a bad thing. Causing a reaction in the viewer is a characteristic of a good image.

  10. Have you stuck this mannequin in different locations in your series of 12? This is a very strange yet good image; it speaks to isolation, maybe being there but not really present. Great range of values.

  11. This image reminds me of the urban legends of women waiting for their love who has gone out to sea and promises to be back, so she waits forever by the seashore for him to return, but he never does. I feel like something in this image is waiting too. There is a longing and tragic hope feeling, like maybe the figure is waiting for something or someone.

  12. I like the material what the photographer uses. I thought it was real human’s body, but it was not. I also like the vantage point.

  13. This concept is captivating to say the least. The contrast between the natural rocks and water and the man made mannequin is brilliant. The longing feeling that the audience gets by seeing the mannequin look out to the water is very deep. Black and white also adds to the image.

  14. The content of this image is obviously one of the most striking things about it. The lighting is dramatic across the mannequin, but very soft in the background on the water, which is very aesthetically pleasing. It conjures up many reflective thoughts. I think it would be more powerful if the mannequin was not in the center of the photograph.

  15. This photograph is stunning. I thought it was a nude picture but I realized it was a manikin. I feel like it would have been interesting to have an actual person do this as well. The positioning of the manikin really makes the picture. Amazing, fantastic, wonderful.

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