10 thoughts on “Simon Ingall”

  1. This photo has an awkward feel too it. It’s almost as if the person is not comfortable, the stance make her feel rigid. I Like the vivid greens again the grey background and floor of the greenhouse.

  2. very posed. The grey environment definitely makes the colors pop, but the grey clothing on the subject breaks it up.
    I’m not sure how intentional this composition is.. It feels like a snapshot.

  3. I agree with Erika and Aaron. The photograph is slightly awkward and feels a little unintentional. The women’s head is touching the bars which the flowers hang from. These bars show an amazing perception of depth and vanishing point. Leaving them alone would make this more interesting for me. I feel as if the women doesn’t belong in this photograph and removing her altogether might be the only thing this photograph needs.

  4. I feel that the woman’s presence is essential to this composition. Though it may have been a snapshot and the awkwardness unintentional, it is this tension that elevates the subject matter above a simple portrait of a gardener. The angles created by the architecture of the greenhouse contrast with the woman’s more organic rigidity, a weak echo of material language of the metal and plastic that surrounds her. I think this photo would do well if there were more plants on the right side of the photo; that area feels slightly empty. A stronger field of green on that side would help to balance the composition and flank the subject.

  5. This is a very interesting image. My initial felling was how awkward it was. I like how the colors are vibrant. I think if the lady was not placed in the middle and maybe rule of thirds were used, the picture wouldn’t be as awkward.

  6. I also love the vibrant colors in this image. I love the textures and the composition of the image. You did a very nice job with capturing this moment.

  7. The colour is great. Though the person does not have the vibe of professional models (the conservative view that models have to be skinny and tall), she fits perfectly in this pic. Her identity, her appearance, her jeans and jackets, all work well with the environment. The color gives a bit naive, childish but also futuristic feeling.

  8. I really enjoy your photo, the colors are beautiful. I think it would have been interesting to see the women in a different position as if she did not know the photo was being taken. The composition of the photo is very nice. Keep up the good work.

  9. I love the colors in the back, but it looks over saturated. I also really like how the grey on the ceiling makes the colors look, and the way the subject is posing. The colors make this a very happy photo. Good job!

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