11 thoughts on “Mary Vernon”

  1. This photo reminds me of how there is always something you don’t know about the person sitting next to you- and on a further note there is always something beyond the cover or first impression.

  2. i really like the idea with the woman and the mask. I feel that women have to wear masks all the time in order to suceed and be accepted in today’s society. great concept

  3. I think the element i enjoy most about this photograph is how the girl is removing the mask, but the mask is transparent. This still alters what other people can see, but at the same time, true colors show through. If I may add to Whitney’s comment about not knowing someone who is next to you, this image makes it seem whatever mask a person wears, it is still part of who they are and does not completely conceal their identity. At the very least, it accents their personality.
    On top of that, how the girl is removing the mask comments on someone who has become aware they are trying to cover up who they are and is making a hesitant effort to really be herself.

  4. This picture is great. The artist did a very nice job in capturing that green color which always looks so sterile in health-eske photographs. I also like the content of the text, but I don’t know if it’s necessary that the text lie inside the photograph.

  5. i like this image and think that the concept was carried out well. i have to agree with sonya i dont know if the text is necessary.

  6. I love the concept behind this work, it’s something that I have worked with myself. I love the color of the backyard and I agree with Sonya… the text could have been interesting placed some where else.

  7. In reference to the above comments, I’m not sure the text has to be there but I find it to be a very intersting addition and I don’t think it hurts the photo at all.

  8. I really enoy the idea of the mask being removed. The image really interests me and evokes a feelings of uneasiness because you never really know what kind of mask someone is wearing,

  9. We all desguise our self or a part of our self from the rest of society. However with the person in the image being a woman it puts a whole new context into the image. There is so much to read into in the image. I think the concept was well exicuted, however the bright lighting coming through the windows are a little distracting.

  10. I like the material that she uses. By using the mask, there are two different masks, which is real mask and the definition of mask. It is like the contemporary art.

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