9 thoughts on “Libby Allen”

  1. As i’ve said before, im just a huge fan of really bizarre pictures. obviously this woman has some extreme talent. balance and melody! plus the tagged painted door next to her adds a little bit of ambigious-ness to it.

  2. Wow! the parallel between the painted girl and the living girl is absolutly hilarious! if this is a series, i would be interested to see more. and if not, have you thought about creating a series around this image. i.e. creating parallels between complete opposites

  3. I’m just wondering if you pay her to stop playing. This photo is absolutely bizzare; who plays the accordian anymore?

  4. the thing I like about this photo is that theres somewhat of a modern look to this photo with the painted girl, and as you look at the girl playing the accordion you get a feel of like festival era

  5. this is great. i’m intrigued with the accordion as an instrument and this photo just adds to it. i love the contrast between the painted girl and the actual girl. very well composed.

  6. This is a very happy picture. I like the brightness and the performer. It just seems very vibrant and full of life.

  7. I really love the parallel between the painted girl & living girl! You did a really good job with this picture. The lighting of the image is really nice & it makes the image seem so real. It is a happy scenery. Great picture!

  8. Just Fun! I like this image because the cartoon has come to life. The cartoon and musician ground the image and bring happiness to it. A light and cheery image that brings a smile to your face.

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