10 thoughts on “Amber Martin”

  1. So I remember talking about this one before you shot it. I really find it interesting that you can see no plate or knife or anything you would normally use to chop it up.. The mess works nice, almost like a trail.

  2. The different levels of the story, table top and floor, make me stop, focus on the surroundings and think of how this came about…similar to the previous blog, where’s the cutting board, knife, and human interaction? I like that this picture is open-ended, and could almost tell a different story to each viewer. I find some of the surrounds are a little distracting, like the crammed bar stools and lower left black corner.

  3. i agree with SBateson, the stools and whatever that is in the front right corner kinda cramp the focus of the image, but i think the content is pretty solid.
    I think its interesting that there is a smashed head of lettuce (particularly that it is a head) insinuating a domestic struggle of some sort maybe. The kitchen table/dining area emphasizes the idea of some sort of household dispute.

  4. I agree, I think this photo makes you stop and think what exactly happened, did an animal do this, or a human, theres really no explanation, and it keeps the viewer wondering, which is good. nice work

  5. the green really pops out. i would like to see it more in focused. and maybe at a more unique angle. completely admire where your idea is going though.

  6. the colors in this photo are perfect. they make this image beautiful in a lettuce is everywhere kind of way.

  7. This picture reminds me of the unperfect suburbia life. The wife preparing the dinner and the husband comes home and starts a fight because his dinner isn’t on the table for me right when he walks in. Awesome job.

  8. The photo appears “documentary,” in that it is documenting this strange event, or at least the aftermath of it. Why is this head of lettuce smashed? Why is part on the table and part on the floor? One chair is pushed in, the other is pushed away, as if someone had been sitting there before the event occurred. Was it someone acting alone, or was it a multiple person struggle? Was it a person at all? These questions run through my mind and keep me looking back at the photo—perhaps for clues—but even when none are found, the ambiguity keeps my curiosity piqued. I’d love to see more in a series.

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