11 thoughts on “Tina Marie Garcia”

  1. I really enjoy the movement that is depicted in this piece. I find motion hard to capture and the fact that everything seems to line up is good. I really like the shadowing shown on the figure. The contrast created from the figure and the sky is awesome.

  2. I like how the artist made the person jumping appear as if he was bigger than the fence. The artist did a good job of capturing the movement as well.

  3. I love this piece. I am also trying to make child size things appear larger then life and this is a great representation of that. Good Work!

  4. it looks almost like he’s not even jumping, but stepping on the fence. great colors, and the silhouette lighting works well.

  5. I completely agree with everyones comments on the compositional aspects and the implied movement of this image, however I feel like the most important feature of this image has been ignored…the COLOR!! The main figures lack of detail and the sky’s dramatic colors compliment each other well. The subdued, almost lack of color with a little ‘pop’, is what makes this image so successful.

  6. The sky is beautiful. I also like the pose… it feels like he’s going to stomp something out or do something intense.

  7. The colors in this photograph are awesome. A silhouette was a great choice for the subject. There is a nice sense of movement in this picture. The only thing I have a problem with is his foot cut off.

  8. Your use of movement in this piece is really different. The subject is posed (or moving) in a very peculiar manor, which makes a viewer want to know more even though he is silhouetted. I think that was a bold artistic choice to have him that way.

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