13 thoughts on “Tina Marie Garcia”

  1. awesome…without a title, I would have thought this was some sort of appropriation of an a-bomb…but that can add to the concept possibly depending on what direction it is.

  2. this is amazing. It looks like a ragging forest fire without smoke. The bit of blue at the top makes me wonder the time of day it is and what height the image is taken at.

  3. Makes me feel as if the world has opened up and some sort of disaster is about to follow. Almost looks as if its underwater

  4. Things sometimes dont look like you expect they would. I am glad you included a discription so I knew what I was looking at. Where did you take it from? It draws you in.

  5. The color in this image is amazing. I also thought that the image was something else before I looked at the title. It is amazing how much light we are producing. The color is excellent, especially in since your shot it at night, great exposure.

  6. Wow- without a title, I would have never even imagined what this really is. It’s surprising how dark all the surrounding area is. This gives a whole new meaning to Las Vegas being called Sin City.

  7. This taken was taken from a plane flying over the city. At night, the view is breath taking in more ways than one.

  8. I agree with the previous comments… I never would have guessed this to be an aerial view of a city. The abstraction/distortion in this image is incredible. The dissonance in scale is amazing.

  9. I really like the abstraction of this photograph. I would have never known it was a ariel photograph if not for the title. The colors are very beautiful in this photograph, they blend nicely together. It does remind me a little of a painting of future disasters. I think the photograph overall is a little pixelated though, which is really noticeable in the blues and cyans. Overall very beautiful concept and photograph.

  10. The colors in this piece are truly amazing. As a someone looking at this picture, it makes me ask a lot of questions. What is this a picture of? Why is it so colorful? It makes me want to create my own stories and ideas based on this picture!

  11. I love the colors in this photo! I didn’t even recognize this as Vegas because it is so abstract. I especially enjoy that it looks like Vegas is on fire. I think it does a good job capturing the chaos of the city that tourists see when they visit. I like the way the cool and warm colors are balanced out and I think the black spaces help to achieve this balance.

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