6 thoughts on “Tyler Robbins”

  1. I love this piece. I like common objects used for subject matter. The arrangement of the yard tools is well done and uses the entire space affectively. The arrangement allows the viewers eye to move smoothly from each object without creating any problems. I really enjoy the fact that you left enough negative space to allow the viewer to not become overwhelmed.

  2. I really enjoy your image. It reminds me of what it is like to be at my own home on a sunday after church. I love being about to connect to work. Congrats.

  3. nice tonal range for a black and white print.
    i like that you chose black and white for this subject matter because i think the audience expects it to be in color.

  4. the suburban lifestyle leaves a lot to be discovered. it’s amazing how much work people are willing to put into making their homes (inside and out) and yards look good. a lot is put into appearences. this series is also a lot about the need of a certain look for a suburban nieghbor.

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