6 thoughts on “Kevin Canning”

  1. I’m interested where else this could lead. Perhaps road side memorials for car crash victims or even row after row of photographs of the deceased.

  2. This photo makes me think about why we put up statues in a cemetery. We put up statues to immoralize those who have passed. This picture clearly shows that the statues will not last forever. The worn statue really mimiks the human life, in that we try to live forever but eventually become worn and will no longer exist.

  3. I find the description (and posted comments) much more compelling than the image itself. I realize 3 years have passed since this was originally posted, and I would be very curious to see how this turned out, or if it is still in progress. Are you using monuments of people you have known personally, or monuments you find visually interesting (or both)?

  4. The tangibility of time is brought to the physical world with the weathering and slow decay taking its toll on this statue. Yet, I feel that the image is more compelling without the description because the viewer is left to wonder and really forced to understand this sad, yet pleasantly vivid image on a more personal, complex level.

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