4 thoughts on “Nicole Watkins”

  1. this image is compositionally separated by the floating wall. i find it ironic how the woman in black is looking upward and the woman in white is looking down. good image to post, I love this one for it’s intricacies.

    you work well to identify and capture a decissive moment.

  2. Nicole- I love that I have been able to see how this body of work has progressed over the years. You have really got the hang of how to capture these type of moments. I love how it is all about the team and yet in this photo the two girls are separated by the wall. I really enjoy getting to see moments for that team that are not usually seen or captured. Wonderful work!

  3. i love this image. It is amazing to me that neither girl is looking right at you, fantastic photography! The mood in the photographic really speaks volumes, which is really incredible since there is so little within the frame. Great Work!

  4. i love your contrast and grainy images! you are a wonderful photographer. your work has been so consistant through out your four years but still attention grabbing.

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