9 thoughts on “Benjamin Van Sickle”

  1. i absolutely love the branch and how it works as a framing device. i never thought i would say i love Holga…but i think i do. good job and great ideas too! …oh yeah, and we have woods in kzoo?

  2. i love how this photo kind of portrays a negative, yet is not the “normal” size of a negative. It almost reminds me of a sniper.

  3. This photograph has a wierd flow too it. It’s eerie, yet beautiful. It reminds me of some other reality. However, I do not care for the way the figure is standing. It doesn’t blend with the feeling of the photograph

  4. I really like this series from seeing it in class. It makes me uncomfortable because of the atmosphere and reminds me of looking through binoculars at someone. I wish that the figure had her back to us though.

  5. This image makes me love holga even more then I already did. I feel like the use of the holga camera and what it naturally does to images really plays well with this particular image. I agree that this image is in a way eerie- it makes me what to see more action within the figure, moving perhaps and not just standing there looking at the camera.

  6. perfect use for the holga. very intriguing spot for a scene and i also like the look of the subject, it feels like she spotted the source of surveillance just moments before something happens. keeps me thinking.

  7. the web does not do this photo justice…i saw your big print of it, and i think the actual size is what makes it so successful.

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