U of Wisconsin, Madison

Emily Maciejewski


Emily Maciejewski
Photo Class: Art 376
Digital Print 4″x6”
1 of 6

This was from a series of photos recording the eerie morning light and the effect of sodium lights on some of my favorite plants at the DC Smith greenhouses. I was drawn to the warm hues for the dreamlike, wonderland feel they gave the flora.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

5 thoughts on “Emily Maciejewski”

  1. the lighting strikes me, it looks like something gregory crewdson would light(good lighting)…however this image is lacking content for me. I do not understand, unless the intention is to critique the mundane or cliche, why an artist take pictures of flowers. you obviously have a good craft in your exposure, surely you do. however i would love to see more content from an upper level student, rather than pure technique. let’s get some good dialogue going on what everyone is thinking!

  2. The focus is confusing me in this photo. The large flower in the foreground is very blurry, yet it takes up a large portion of the image.

    Perhaps the flower could be excluded from the frame or the depth of field could be increased in future works.

    Also, I’m wondering about the size of the print. Any reason that it’s only 4″x6″?

  3. i will make this short and sweet, the use of natural colors found in nature is great and everyone knows true beauty is found in nature not people 😛

  4. I agree with Benjamin. The focus in this image is confusing. My eye doesn’t know where to look or what I should be looking at. If the focus issue was fixed this image would look great printed very very large, like 4’x6′ instead of 4inX6in. The large scale would add to the dreamlike feel you were successful in making with the lighting.

  5. I need it big, possibly on a light box and more of the series with it. I think in the series, and to make an environment of these images would be very striking, but it’s hard for one to stand alone. You say it’s from a series – let’s see it!!!!

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