Western Michigan University

Heather Stratton


Heather Stratton
ART 5480 Advanced Photography Workshop
each image is gelatin silver 9×9
4 images from the “Unmarried” series

alegorically depicting the intricacies of marriage and companionship through biblical representation excerpt currently on display at the Alan B. Dow Museum of Science and Art

Western Michigan University

11 thoughts on “Heather Stratton”

  1. very dramatic. After reading that it is about marriage, it makes me think twice about having a companion or what it means to be connected to someone.

  2. I’m glad you chose these photographs. These photos are my favorites out of your work I have seen. Congratulations on getting them shown.

  3. Heather, I really enjoy all of your work but these images especially. Your printing is amazing and the lighting is very nice. Good Job on the show, thats great! Keep on producing because you are soo good at it.

  4. this work seems oppressing in some way. maybe it’s the veiling, but the man and the woman seem to be experiencing it equally.

  5. I love that you make everyone else look like an amateur. I also like that this series reminds me of things I can’t remember from Flint. Can’t wait to see what you will do next semester.

  6. adrienne-i love that your work is the same as what you are telling me. and i love who you were in flint and who you are still! are you taking 548 next semester? this will be exciting!!! (OH, thank you)

  7. These photographs are haunting and powerful. There is an overwhelming sense of dramatic tension and stillness. Beautiful

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