Western Michigan University

Jenna Caschera


Jenna Caschera
ART4710-Alternative Proccesses
Photography Installation detail,
Brown Van Dyke printPhotography Installation,
ten Brown Van Dyke prints
36″ x 72″


The prints are done on 36” x 72” fabric, using the human body and images of vines to create “bodyphotograms.” Ten fabric panels are hung and suspended to create an interactive circular space inwhich the audience enters to view the work in its entirety. It explores a fantastical idea of vines beingrooted to our anatomical structure, similar to the overgrowth on neglected buildings. Within each printare images of two bodies interacting in small space, tangling themselves together. While enclosed inthe circular study, viewers are to imagine vines rooted between bones, muscles, and nerves, creating a new complex anatomy.

Western Michigan University

9 thoughts on “Jenna Caschera”

  1. I am interested in hearing what you have to say about this work..I know I have heard it before, but I know the more research that goes into it, the more it evolves and grows(pardon my shameless pun). I would like to see more work of this nature (pun again, sorry, really I can’t help it), perhaps in more ‘tangible’ form such as framed artwork…think about the way science museums preserve specimens maybe?

  2. hi jenna,my name is brigitte caschera and i am from germany.i am searching for my relatives in the states.have you got i you family history names like:pa caschera,julia caschera,christine caschera or pamela caschera? if you want to know more,please contakt me over my email address.cheers brigitte

  3. Congrats on your show Jenna. I really loved this work when you first started doing it and I still love it now. The concept and context and thought behind it is soo strong. Good Job.

  4. I really enjoy the images and the process behind them. It was a really ambitious project and I’m glad it succeeded in such a big way.

  5. Jenna,

    VERY deep,intense and calming…all at the same time. I’ll enjoy looking at and reading about your work over and over again.


  6. hi i am a caschera i live in new jersey usa father was in the us army in germany. he was from williamsport pa.his name was romeo caschera. for bridgitte

  7. It’s really interesting to see photogram on fabric. The pattern and the texture of the fabric adds a lot to it. I would love to see how your work looks like with the fabric’s movement.

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