5 thoughts on “Kelsey Wurtz”

  1. i see an obvious contrast in the way you treat different places. does this happen when you change cameras or formats as well? either way it seems intentional, or even acknowledged to me. keep using this to your advantage as it creates a subtle juxtaposition within very similar images. (in other words, i like it)

  2. that’s kind of creepy like you don’t want to stay in the building yet you don’t want to go out either. It gives me the impression that it is very cold outside.

  3. when i look at the images from nc i can honestly hear the sounds and smells of that place. i picture the warm humid, yes comfortable weather and thet dusty moldy/breeze of fresh air. I particulary like this series, but comes second to that red chair series. (the color of that chair is way too seductive)

  4. i loved this series because you incorporated outside and elements of nature. personally for me the outside view from a window is very important to an interior space. it was a nice contrast to your other images.

  5. There’s something very eerie about this photo that I can’t quite put my hand on. Nice balancing of inside and outside light.

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