Western Michigan University

Tom Adolphs


Tom Adolphs
ART 3480 Photo II
8″ x 12″, digital print
from a series of 17 photos

This photo is from a serious I recently finished dealing with the theme of addiction. When taking the picture I choose to use a higher aperture to blur the person and focus the viewer on all the cigarettes, my goal is to show the excessive nature of an addiction.

Western Michigan University

20 thoughts on “Tom Adolphs”

  1. This picture puts a whole new meaning to ” a pack a day”. It really makes me think. The color in the image is displayed nicely. You completed your goal however, I would be careful of the wording you use in your statement. Higher aperture?

  2. In my opinion this artist did a great job at focusing on addiction. A daily smoker probably consumes that many cigs if not more, and by showing all those cigs in that person’s mouth it clearly states the amount a person goes through

  3. I also think this was a great way to show the addiction of smoking. I really read it as the addiction suffocating the smoker because there is no way they could breath with all of those lit.

  4. This picture could be an anti smoking ad. It’s great, the focus is perfect, color too. I think this a great commercial shot.

  5. I think your DOF is great. the focus is exactly where it should be, on the cigarettes, the rest of the image kinda hazy. this emphasizes how the smoker becomes consumed with the cigarettes (not to mention that you stuffed almost a whole pack in their mouth).

    the big print looked pretty good but you should definitely print it with matte black ink, they are much richer.

    good image, man.

  6. I really enjoy that you left the person’s face out of this image. It leaves out a personal identity and lets other people personally relate to it themselves.

  7. this looks like it could be a cover for a documentary film. maybe because it is reminding me of “super-size me.” that sense of excess and poor health is present.

  8. your theme of work is really interesting, i feel like you could produce a lot of good work with a good understanding of addiction and what is does to the lives of people. id like to see more.

  9. much like the posted picture of a spinning child, this image evokes a sense of physicality; my lungs feel suffocated, and i find myself short of breath….good work!

  10. First off. I totally hate smoking. That is why I looked at this image. After seeing this piece it makes me want to see his others in the series.

  11. I definitely like the excess shown in the picture. It helps show how ridiculous some of these things we don’t really need are.

  12. I think that’s a really interesting way of depicting the nature of addiction, and it would be great to see more images from the series. As someone else posted, I like how the individual is not the focus of the piece. The message then is accessible to everyone, rather than personalized. I think a larger flame would be visually intriguing!

  13. I think this photo has delivered a good message about smoking addiction. It has humors and raises concern at the same time when looking at it. I can feel the pleasure at the moment that person is enjoying smoking but then somehow I can also feel the physical pain, short breath and worry he/she would have to go through. In order to have short happiness, he/she willing to trade the value of health.

  14. I think the concept of this work is awesome. There is something very comical about the subject having so many cigarettes in his mouth. The photograph is very crisp and I really like the focus on the hand and the mouth. I would love to see more of this series.

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