Pritika Chowdhry


Pritika Chowdhry
ART 999
Digital print on canvas, 36″x20″

This image titled “Living Room Warrior” is part of a series titled “Bollywood Suburbia”. So far, there are about six images in this series. The works are created in a self-consciously hybrid aesthetic that references Bollywood films and Baroque paintings in an innovative fusion. The photo-prints are cinematic and have been made in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Formally, the archival C-prints are painterly in the treatment of light and shadow, and rich colors and textures. The images are of my sculptural installations of domestic spaces that I create around my ceramic sculptures.

Jessie Eisner-Kleyle


Jessie Eisner-Kleyle
Art 996
digital print from color negative, 16″ x 20″
series title: Proudly To The Vast Ballroom
currently series of 18

My work deals with our current societal ideas of gender and domesticity and how our memories influence those norms and, in turn, are influenced by our fairy tale culture. The rest of the series, as well as my other portfolios, can be seen at my website.