8 thoughts on “Do Hoon Chang”

  1. I enjoy how this photo is not dated in the sense that when I look at it, I cannot tell when it was taken. Is it a memory, is it documentation of the here and now? The photo does not tell this part of the story, but it does illuminate a poetic sense and humbling feeling. I love how the shadows draw so deep beyond the picture plane and the tree in the upper right hand corner compliments the framing. I just get an overwhelming sense of wellbeing when looking at this photograph. I really enjoy it and I bet the tonal quality speaks volumes in person!

  2. Very cool picture. It reminds me of a scene out of a movie that is depicting city life in the future. You should try night scenes with very long exposures. It might add more eerieness to your images.

  3. This photo has a very timeless and eerie feel. The woman’s long coat and the way their silhouettes obscure the details in the people’s clothing creates for a wonderful anonymity. The long shadows create great diagonals that counter the vertical line in your composition, and creates a very different feeling for the library that I sit in now. I have never seen this area like this, but you have done a great job with it.

  4. The lighting of this picture is astounding! Such an isolated intense glow, but it does not appear to be an extended exposure. Dark room magic?

  5. Really great photo. The lighting is strange and mysterious, leaving long shadows and silhouetted figures. The vignette contrasts with the strong center light to create a nice contrast and composition throughout the picture. Awesome work!

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