U of Wisconsin, Madison

Pritika Chowdhry


Pritika Chowdhry
ART 999
Digital print on canvas, 36″x20″

This image titled “Living Room Warrior” is part of a series titled “Bollywood Suburbia”. So far, there are about six images in this series. The works are created in a self-consciously hybrid aesthetic that references Bollywood films and Baroque paintings in an innovative fusion. The photo-prints are cinematic and have been made in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Formally, the archival C-prints are painterly in the treatment of light and shadow, and rich colors and textures. The images are of my sculptural installations of domestic spaces that I create around my ceramic sculptures.

1 thought on “Pritika Chowdhry”

  1. I love the painterly qualities of this photograph! The juxtaposition of the obviously hand-crafted figure and the more-realistic background creates an interesting diaglog. Additionally, the use of red throughout the composition really helps to lead my eye around the entire image. Nice work!

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