Western Michigan University

Heather Stratton


Heather Stratton
ART4480: Intermediate Black and White
“Dissociate” by Heather Stratton, 2007
Selenium Toned Gelatin Silver, 12×9

This image is paramount to a series depicting issues of dissociation and association within the bonds of a matriarch system invaded by a virile force. During times of extreme psychological and physiological stress, a person’s natural response is to dissociate (or rather disengage) the mind from the body in order to survive and maintain regular physical and mental functions.

More images may be found on the website, http://www.heatherstratton.com and more conceptual imagery relating to the subject of PTSD and recovery may be found by following the “HOPE” link, http://www.heatherstratton.com/fine_art/projects/hope/hope.html

5 thoughts on “Heather Stratton”

  1. I find your work very interesting. Each one of your pieces makes me stop and think. This image reminds me of someone that is lost and a piece of her is left in her room. Something like looking for a “safe place.”

  2. this new idea that you are working with is great. i wish i remembered more about that interview that was on at 2am about “the migrating soul.” you should look it up. oh, and there was another interview on NPR with an author that wrote a book called “the body has a mind of its own” or “the mind has a body of its own.” you should look that up too. then you and i should collaborate since our ideas are dancing around each other.

  3. Jenna-I did look up soul migrations and all I could come up with were religious ideas of the Jewish and some Middle Eastern thoughts. Maybe a cross reference of NPR would be helpful in hind-sight. I also just got done reading through your artist statements for the video loop and yes, the ideas do dance around one another. I am glad you decided to make individual statements because each one is extremely loaded and must be explained to fully appreciate.

  4. This is an excellent photo. You have such a rich arrangement of tones throughout the photo. The composition is equally great. The texture throughout the photo is real and alive as well!

  5. I am absolutely in love with this photograph. The overall balance of all the tones if fantastic. I would love to buy this photograph! It is very cozy and warm even though it is black and white and I feel that the different textures that you are able to draw out from the shadows created is why it feels the way that it does. Fantastic job!

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