New Jersey City University

Richard Ryals


Richard Ryals
Class: Photo II
Medium: Digital
Series: 1 of over 500

Statement: This is one of a series of over 500 photos I took at an NJCU Black Box Theater performance. It marked the very first time I shot human indoor movement with the correct shutter speed. Big thanks to professional photographer Rich Formica who taught me how at an NJCU basketball game. I originally asked the otherwise excellent Canon customer service for advice and they were dead wrong because they advised me to shoot at 1/1000. I appreciate your thoughts and critiques.

2 thoughts on “Richard Ryals”

  1. The color and exposure does look really nice in these images. However, it could be really interesting to showed some blurred motion, or perhaps some different compositions? It’s hard to say with only seeing one image. It be interesting to see more.

  2. I agree with the previous post that it is hard to tell with just one photo, but I think that for it being your first time, the photo was successful. Although it might be interesting just to try, I don’t think a blur is necessary for your viewers to see that motion is going on – that is obvious with the hair and twirling skirt. I think that the beading, textured fabric, shine, and other materials that the dancer is wearing definitely makes the image more interesting. I would like to see more photos posted (if you have 500, share more!)

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