Western Michigan University

Karie Kuiper


Karie Kuiper
ART 5480: Advanced Photography Workshop
“Nature’s Last Stand”
Silver prints, 8″x10″
series of 8


This work documents the interaction between humans and the environment, drawing awareness to the negative consequences of maintaining an unhealthy relationship with our natural world. These single trees represent the last stand of true nature in a field of artificial nature created, controlled and destroyed by man.

6 thoughts on “Karie Kuiper”

  1. i love the isolation of the trees, particularly the top one because it seems more stranded. The landscapes definitely look destroyed and the trees look like they are being dragged down with it. i dig the concept paired with great prints i think, good stuff karie

  2. I too have been long fascinated by those single trees in farmers fields. I think they hold more beauty because of their oddity and loneliness. It is a very confusing idea to keep that original sign of nature in the midst of cultivated and manipulated ‘nature’ that is left un-nurtured due to the lack of transition in the soils nutrients. Although the crops built up around the trees are real…they still lack nature to me, especially when the product is a GMO. I think you are going in an important direction with your work. Keep articulating it and it will all come together how you want it to.

  3. When I look at these, I tend to see the trees as having a human attitude/appearance. I think this fits in with your theme of “Nature’s Last Stand” well, as it seems as if the trees have a will of their own instead of being controlled by people. Beautiful photographs and really nice job printing them.

  4. Karie, these images are my favorite of all your work. I especially like the image of a tree that you showed in class that was sepia toned. I still recommend vignetting the images. It would make them a little stronger visually.

  5. I think you captured the juxtaposition between wild, liberated nature and nature touch by the human hand perfectly. It is an interesting subject matter. I love the intense lonely feeling. They are very striking. And I would have to disagree with the above comment I think the vingnetting would over power the image. The soft printing you have now has a ghostly effect that really works, with out being distracting.

  6. I think you captured exactly what you were hoping for in these photos. the fields look so perfectly desolate and the tree stands out boldly. I think you have a great range of tones in your photos. The slight vignetting really adds to your theme as well. These almost have an antique look to them, as if they are the last pictures of what “nature” looked like before man completely destroyed it.

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