21 thoughts on “TINA MARIE GARCIA”

  1. this composition is sweet. i like the minimalism of this image, it looks like the skater is falling nowhere. did he land the trick? it looks like he’s doing a heel flip or something. i like how you oriented the skater and isolated him with negative space.

    good work, i’d like to see some more of these.

  2. What Kyle didn’t say in his post is that this image is now the desktop image on his laptop. Sorry to tattle on you Kyle, but he likes it that much. My favorite thing is the lack of a sense of orientation. I can’t tell from what angle the shot was taken and whether this will be a successful trick or not. It almost looks like he is falling and this is the moment that happens before serious pain ensues.

  3. This picture is not inverted, but flipped upside down upon removing as much information as possible. In photographing skateboarders, one is confronted with the ideas of gravity. This has lead me to toy with the orientation of the subjects within my images. I don’t recall if he landed this trick.

  4. I really like this stop action photograph. Even though this photograph has an emphasis on the left side, I really like how you placed the skater. It gives the photograph a nice spacial area. The contrast between the foreground and background is nice too.

  5. the fact that it’s all about the object and nothing about the scenery makes the act much stronger. since there is no beginning or an end, the motion seems as infinity. I wonder if it is done in a studio?

  6. I agree with Sonya, I love the minimalism of this image. The negative space really makes the skater pop, and even though the person looks like they are falling, they anchor the entire image. Because the contrast is so high the image seems very abstract and I almost cant make out that there is a person in it, but then I am drawn to the one hand desperately grasping at the air!

  7. this image is very dynamic and anticipation to a failure. it looks like he is going to keep falling forever. i would usuallu disagree with a complete white background but it works her because the image has a lot of contrast and it makes a broad negative space. the only thing bothering me is the lack of some dtail in the pants. i also like how little detail there is and the composition, good stuff.

  8. I love that you placed the figure within an all white background, it really helped to capture the action of the scene. The contrast within the figure was really well done, you could have capture the figure within a silhouette, but I would not have done the photograph justice. Amazing action shot!

  9. This image is very interesting both in its composition as well as its perspective. The blown out background really lends itself well to the subject, and gives the idea of free fall while being grounded at the same time. Excellent print.

  10. Great use of contrast between black and white. I especially like positioning of the skater in the corner, it’s a great example of the rule of thirds.

  11. I love the highly contrasted figure on a white background. It really captures the movement of the figure. The contrast also gives it a very nice graphic quality.

  12. I enjoy the feel that he’s falling, but in our minds we know he’s just doing a trick. I like that you thought to photograph from a different angle/just turned the picture because it makes a pretty good photo a REALLY good photo. I also enjoy the black and white, but I wish there was more detail

  13. I have also been working with skateboarding photos for several years and the reason why i love this photo is because it is different. Its simple and takes everything out that would make it a normal skateboarding picture. I think you should continue shooting like this, well done.

  14. A very unique vantage point. I also like the way the subject’s body was placed off-center, throwing the composition out of balance, which goes along with what seems to me as a skateboarder falling/losing balance. The tension created on the bottom left corner also works well for this picture. Great work!

  15. I love the vantage point of this photo! By orientating the subject in the corner, the photographer captured both the essence of the jump, as well as the fall. The crispness of the image, as well as the black and white color scheme give this photo a very graphical element which I very much enjoy!

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