7 thoughts on “Adrienne Marks”

  1. It appears to be a preservation of life that has turned to death due process. They are ‘turned leaves’ of autumn that are dead/dying—however vibrant with the color of life and vitality. The preservation of them between the glass sheeting allows the irony I believe you are trying to obtain. The more we as humans try to preserve and cultivate nature, the more we kill it. I love this work and the contrast against the concrete streets where life is penetrating it where the grass has broken through. It is a fight and who knows what will win?

    I surely hope Adrienne Marks, Mary Vernon and Karie Kuiper are talking and obtaining enlightening discourse as the three of you are on the same track however in very different and unique ways.

  2. Adrienne, Adrienne, i love your work. your meticulous attention to detail and to fabricating nature is so interesting. the idea of recreating natural forms and weaving them into organic environments is excellent. these pieces weird me out in the sense that people are really trying to fix what was destroyed in nature by putting plastic dummies in its place in an effort to pretend it isn’t gone. even beyond the leaves and stems you made that actually look real, the frame around these particular ones emphasizes the man-made aspect of our misguided attempt to fix what we’ve broken.

    yeah. good stuff.

  3. really like where you’re going with this! i see two different environments here, natural and artificial, both coexisting for the time being and travelling down the same path. the artificial leaves encased by a man-made structure protect them from the same fate of destruction and decay that the natural landscape of the land was subjected to. really this just separates them from true nature, creating something completely different. the question is whether or not to continue letting the two natures travel on the same path or to recognize and separate them. the contrast between the decaying landscape and the sterile, framed leaves works well. great work, hope to see more of this!

  4. I just spent like 45 minutes at Patricia Piccinini’s site and literally all I can say is wow. Completely beautiful and disturbing. Wow. Plus I have deep-seeded desire to have a common wombat as a pet, they are cuter then the Northern Hairy-nosed and less endangered, but it’s apparently very illegal to own one let alone take one out of Australia. If only Piccinini’s “Surrogate” actually existed.

  5. I really enjoy this, the frames on the man made objects makes me think about how we protect and preserve our material items but yet we ignore what we are doing to the environment/natural world, love it!

  6. Its very interesting the way you presented the leaves, because just like frames on the wall, its a very similar act when leaves on the ground. I’m happy you didn’t have a bunch of leaves in one place because it would be very clutter. The way the leaves are place also remind me of footsteps.

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