3 thoughts on “Chaji Yang”

  1. this hallway is very dynamic, the only problem with it is that the image is crooked. it has a great symmetry but it is disrupted by the camera angle.
    at the same time, the dutch angle that the image is on creates an uneasy air about the picture.

  2. I have to disagree with kyle because I love the angle of the picture being tilted. It reminds me of a scene in the twilight zone. A very scary room awaits whomever walks down the hallway. I love the dark shadows on both sides of the walls. They give a very dramatic effect. I do question if it would be more haunted to the viewer if there were less light. But keep the angle.

  3. The angle is definitely too slight to look like its on purpose. If you are going to keep the crookedness in the image maybe make it look a little more dramatic. Right now it just looks like amateur photography.

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