Western Michigan University

Nathan Bell


Name: Nathan Bell
ART 2560 Computer Imaging
Medium: Digital Image Altered in nathanjbell
Original size: 2″ x 1.25″
Series of 2


Statement: The image was taken to enhance my photography skills. I later used the image in a digital editing project, to prove the human face is not symmetrical. The professor found the altered image to be very creepy. I find the eyes of a person can tell you anything you want to know. So I focused on the eyes when altering the images.

2 thoughts on “Nathan Bell”

  1. The instructor appears to have the best word to describe your image. It is very creepy to me and I feel as the first picture is blind with the second one taking another person’s eyes. The digital image of four eyes was done in a very convincing manner. The blind image appears out of a movie of some sort. The four eye image is just plain disturbing to me. I can only tell what someone is thinking by looking at two eyes.

  2. Dude. That bottom image is unbelievably cool. I love the lighting and the composition. Well done.
    It really speaks to the idea that no matter how much you think you know about yourself, there is perhaps a little bit more you are not seeing. Great work! I look forward to seeing more.


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