U of Wisconsin, Madison

Patricia LaPointe



Patricia LaPointe
Graduate Work

This project is a work in progress. They are digital prints and the size is yet to be determined. These particular images were taken in February 2008. In the middle of last semester I started to think about how I wanted to document my grandmother’s house. I have an attachment to this place and with everyday being closer to the day I find out she is no longer I want to have memories attached to her and her house. I grew up visiting this place and also lived there throughout high school into my first year of college. It was an experience that was overwhelming and yet full of love and care. My grandmother is what some people consider a hoarder but I think of her as a compulsive collector because she sees a potential use out of objects that most people throw away or donate, to make it someone else’s problem, on a whim. I see this being partially generational, growing up in the time of the depression, and partially the character of who she is—not the type of person who throws away something to update to the newest model because it looks better (even though the old one usually works better).

When I started to think deeper into the concept behind my project I realized that I wanted the end goal of this project to make a book of images that people can relate to. I want people to feel empathy and understanding and see the everydayness and compassion that is in this so called ‘chaos.’ It would be too easy to be overwhelmed and full of anxiety because that’s what we’re told to expect (in society). Most people do not live in homes that are in pristine catalog style cleanliness, like what we see in Martha Stewart’s Home Living, etc., and that’s why I think it’s important for me to share this body of work.

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