5 thoughts on “Andrea Brdek”

  1. I love the color of the picture. It looks as it is dangerous to touch almost as an acid. The bubbles give a great dramatic effect to the picture. However, the white blur in the upper right part of the picture is distracting to me.

  2. Andrea,
    I love the technical aspect of this image. The reflection of the of the kitchen lighting is great along with the texture of the boiling water. I was wondering the content of the image. I too am working with eggs however they have a much different feel, which I appreciate. Is there a specific concept to your image?

  3. I find the range of lights and darks visually stimulating and carry my focus around the whole image. I love how you chose to abstract an every day object and how much texture you were able to document in the water. I think that your composition with the two eggs off center is successful and I think that if it were anymore they would be unrecognizible and not as interesting, id love to see more photographs like this one.

  4. The image is quite striking. It is full of energy, yet seems peaceful. However, I feel that it would have been so much stronger if you had not told what the physical object is. Now that I know I’m looking at a pair of eggs, they are only a pair of eggs, but they could have been a lot more.

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