Western Michigan University

Amber Martin

Amber Martin
Art 5480: Advanced Photography Workshop
digital prints, 24″ x 36″
series of 16

These images are from a series I am working on about infertility. The ability to conceive a child has been known as the central feature of the woman’s identity. There is an implicit assumption that motherhood is intrinsic to the adult female identity. This assumption implies there is an “absence” for any woman that is not a mother. One cause for this “absence” is infertility. The issue of motherhood can be a very touchy subject to talk about for woman experiencing infertility and may even be something they are ashamed of. However, infertility affects twenty five percent of women in the United States.

4 thoughts on “Amber Martin”

  1. These photos are very intriguing. They stand alone as strong images, but with the short description of the series, a whole new meaning arises. This is such a touchy subject and I think basing a series off it has a lot of potential. I would love to see more.

  2. The idea is totally cool and the subject matter you’ve choosen to represent it is nice, it relates. Though I’ll have to say, I didn’t relate it to humans or infertility for woman, but I kinda like that though if you want to keep the interpretation of your pictures vague because it kept me thinking what exactly was your point you wanted to get across.

    Overall, I like the way the scene is set up, having the background be all black and just focus on the eggs to keep the viewer’s eyes on what is happening to the eggs. The colors/lighting are perfect. It brings across the idea of some scientific experimentation is going on.

  3. I would first of all like to comment on your use of lighting! you obviously spent time thinking about where you wanted the lighting to be, how your objects will turn out … and so forth. the Idea of using the mirror under the egg represent a lot to me at first because when i think of Artificial insemination i think of Multiple Children… not by mistake necessarily but by a larger chance it will happen. the second image isn’t as strong to me but it shows the side of the women that cannot carry a child, obviously stated. The idea for that to happen to a women that wants children sounds like something very hard to go through. Overall I like the prints very much and would like to see more of the 16 image series!

  4. I think the choice of chicken eggs to represent, well, female eggs was obvious, but that doesn’t bother me. It seems like the perfect way to represent female fertility in a more physical, tangible way. I like the first image better, the out of focus bandage on the second is slightly distracting.

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