22 thoughts on “Abraham Clark”

  1. I just checked out your website and really enjoy what you are doing in this composed, staged manner. Both day and night shots are consistent. I’m sure you have heard it before, but you should look at Gregory Crewdson.

    p.s. I especially like the one of the violinist and cellist in the tree and the canoe in the puddle. They are very poetic. Nice work.

  2. Interesting. I really like the shapes and the angles in the top image and the lighting is really nice in both. I would love to know what kinds of light you used!

  3. The photo Uni Fall is very interesting, it seems like it is narrating a mystery novel. The lighting really makes the subject and the environment pop out of the darkness in a eerie way. I would really like to know what sort of lighting was used, is it just an ordinary flood light? The composition is also unusual because of amazing birds eye view. The lawn, driveway, and patio furniture frame the subject very well. Nice work.

  4. Great use of vantage point within the first photograph! I really enjoyed the top down scene which helped create an excellent narrative of the overall scene. Excellent use of light and shadow within both photographs, it helped direct my attention to the action of the scene. The color within these night shots are impressive.

  5. The lighting is great and I love the intense rich colors. These are definitely in the realm of a narrative and I would like to see the rest of the series. I also would like to see close ups of the people it would make the images more personal. You could create a series of triptychs with close ups and wide angle.

  6. This is pretty interesting. I see you out here Wisconsin! Good job with the lighting. The darkness adds atmosphere and mood. I’m not quite sure of the meaning behind the images, but the are technically savvy.

  7. The first photograph gives a powerful sense of action, and describes what just happened very clearly. However the second seems to lack this description, while not a poor photograph it might not belong with the first.

  8. Just by looking at these photos I want to know the whole story. They keep the viewer guessing. The use of space is great with in the picture plan.

  9. I enjoy your sense of narrative and interesting compositions. You do a great job capturing the moment while keeping the viewer questioning what just happened.

  10. These pictures look like they came right out of a movie. I love how vibrant the colors are, the contrast grabs my attention immediately.

  11. You provided a great narrative in the images. It’s fun to think of how these scenarios would come to happen. Great use of color and composition as well.

  12. These photos definitely create a narrative. I can see the aspect of being a people pleaser very clearly in the second one, but I’m wondering a little bit what it is in the top photo? I get the feeling of someone being kicked out of the house for selfish reasons, but I don’t know for sure. I really like the manner in which you photographed them though.

  13. I like the optical and emotional perspectives of these images. The optical perspective definitely supports the emotional perspective very well, creating a very interesting narrative.

  14. I like the composition! It looks still from a movie. I like the viewpoint. Two picture looks series. I also like the people acting.

  15. The angles of both are very interesting. The first is from a birds eye view which I have seen in films that show loneliness or only watching one character. The second has a view point from the ground and straight at him and the other subjects. The symbols of both the unicycle and the bicycle go together very well. The unicycle shows the person displayed as trying to hard at getting peoples attention and being lonely. The bicycle scene has another person beside him to show that he gave up trying to please people and to be himself.

  16. I really enjoy these pictures and thought they are really well done. The angles are amazing and adds a whole new perspective to the photo. I also think the lighting does a nice job setting the mood and the pictures have an important message behind them!

  17. These photos are very cinematic and set the tone of an eerie and/or uncomfortable situation. Your composition and “onlooker” point of view creates pleasing geometric settings that are staged very thoughtfully. I also enjoy the sources of light used that work to create rich colors and contrast.

  18. Really pushes the idea of storytelling. The fact that these pictures were taken at night really make the dialogue of these photos work. It would not have worked if you took these photos during the day time.

    Job well done

  19. I really enjoy these images especially with the idea of looking at the ‘down side of a people pleaser’. I also like the different take on the word as well through the unicycle crash and inept. I think the angles are really interesting and even though they are staged, its easy to see these as something happening often in life.

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