19 thoughts on “Courtney Prince”

  1. The furniture and architecture in your first photo is certainly amusing! Watch out for unwanted clutter along the horizontal lines throughout the composition. The minimalism of the second photo, yet it’s details and framing make it stunning. You did a great job of capturing the shadows from the clouds above and having them line up perfectly with the building.

  2. This is good stuff right here. You’ve managed to capture the real essence of the building. I can definitely feel the mood. Urban, business like. Great angle in the second photo too.

  3. Both photographs are printed a bit dark. They lack the depth that a few highlights could bring out. However the angle of the buildings is a very eye catching composition.

  4. I like the silhouette that the top photo creates and the use of color that the yellow lamps provide. However, I think that the bottom photo of the buildings needs some other element in order to make it more aesthetically appealing.

  5. While the buildings in the bottom image are a little dark I like that the focus is on the cloud that’s starting to peak out from the building on the right. I think just a touch more detail on the buildings could make this image even more appealing. Overall I find it very catching because it represents only a short moment and it allows the viewer to experience it as well.

  6. I love the clouds and lighting in the second photograph. The angle of the buildings also adds a contemporary feel to the composition of the picture and creates really nice negative space.

  7. A modern city feel is really obvious in these. I like the way the two work together to create the concept. The lighting is darker, but I like that and the way there are certain highlights in both pictures that only accentuate parts of them.

  8. I enjoy the very bold geometry in the top photograph. Only having one main focal color is interesting and I can see this in a brochure for the restaurant because of the simplicity that would be easily used for the designer. The second photograph has dramatic attraction that viewers love!

  9. The top photograph has a fantastic color palette. It’s bold, modern, complimentary with it’s cools and hots. The geometric shapes also add to the modern/urban feel. The bottom image is bold and dynamic too, but without any strong yellow elements I feel like the connection between the two isn’t as strong as it could be. But the overall sense of a modern urban are is definitely present in both.

  10. I am drawn to the use of geometric shapes in both images – the artist has a great way of taking recognizable scenes and breaking them down into the pieces she wants us to see. The choice of creating silhouettes plays to the geometric vibe and really helps to center each image exactly where the artist wants us to focus.

  11. I love the lines and shapes displayed in these photos. The color from the lights adds a warm feeling to the picture which draws your eye toward to rounded shape of the lights. The skyscrapers have good lines and with the angle the picture was taken at the picture draws your eyes towards the top of the right building where the light is shining through. The light shining through adds another layer of lines.

  12. I’m torn on the first photo here. I really like that the shadows are so dark and it makes for such a great contrast but I also think that maybe you could bring up some of the detail a little more. I like the colors of the lamps and I think the way you framed the picture is great. The second picture is a cool perspective, but once again I think the shadows could be lessened. I love the contrast with the blue sky though!

  13. I loved how you have used space in the second picture and vantage point for the first one. The pictures have come out so well. If I had to take the first picture I think I would change the exposure. Good pictures!

  14. These images show a great eye for geometric shapes in compositions. The lines and shapes, and colors work very well together in both images. I wish the top image had a smaller depth of field so we could more properly focus on the lights and tables and not the background across the way.

  15. I think that you used different vantage points extremely well in these photos. In the first you took the photo level with the bottom of the lights, which draws the eye across the photo. In the second you took the photo from below the buildings which draws the eye upward.

  16. The second photo is stunning. The composition with the clouds looks really interesting. It sort of looks like the clouds are coming out of the sky. The bright yellow is a nice pop of color in the first photo.

  17. I love the angles you took the photos at. It adds personality that normally isn’t seen. The lighting in these photos adds another layer. Everything is really well done and I think they’re really interesting to look at.

  18. I love the second photo so much. I love the clouds and the lighting above the building. The building on the left also helps with the dimension of the photo, working with the rule of thirds as well. The two pictures also go very nicely together. Great job!

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