23 thoughts on “Inga Folta”

  1. I really find this series very interesting. The dark shadows hide the figure while the highlights draw you in. I focus more on the top image, it feel it is stronger. The lighting is very smooth of that one.

  2. Both images are very romantic to me, but I think these they would work better separately. The tone and behavior of the top silhouette is enticing, leaving just enough room for the imagination – very seductive. However, the bottom contains starker contrast and I think would be nice to see solely as an abstract image with slightly more delineated lines. The body never ceases to be an object of curiosity. I dig the alluring aspects.

  3. If order for these two to work better in a series, they need to feel as if they were taken in the same place in time. The different lighting makes them feel very disconnected. I’d have to say I prefer the starker contrast of the second image more, and wish the first image had the same strong white light. This would make the image more dynamic. I also like in the second image how the body is carried off the edge of the print.

  4. There is nothing as beautiful as the human body. That being said, however, I believe the best way to present it is in a subtle manner. For this reason, I enjoy the first print much more than the second. The way you have your model posed to cover that which is truly female leaves all to wonder. On the second print, I feel as though the image is too “hot” right in the middle of the print. They are beautiful pieces of work. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely nude work. I especially like how you have highlighted specific areas of the body with your lighting. The bottom image is absolutely gorgeous! The top image, however, is too dark of an exposure and could use a little less time to really make it pop.

  6. I would have to agree with Nate. I think the top print is the stronger of the two. To me this is because of how subtle the human body is suggested. The curves are graceful and they elegently vanish or appear in the light. The second image seems buly, which is something I don’t necessarily want to associate with a female nude.

  7. I love the abstraction of the female form. The light is so delicate and it fits the feminine subject matter, wrapping around curves and illuminating the idea of womanhood. The top image is my favorite of the two.

  8. Both Images have a very romantic feel but the intimacy is different between the two. The top is more settled. The bottom has great sharp contrast between highlights and low lights.

  9. These two images really capture contour and line well. The lighting draws emphasis to the form of the figure, as well as highlighting and drawing attention. I’m not sure that they work well paired together though they convey the same delicateness and mood created by the lighting. One thing to note, however, is the way the negative space becomes a distinct shape just by being encompassed by the body. Overall very nice work!

  10. I admire the the way you use your single lighting setup to show the out lining of the form of the a beautiful body. The softness on the top pictures is nice, and goes nice with the image.

  11. i really like the positioning of the lights in these pictures. the first picture is really cool and the shadowing is beautiful. I really like how its so darastic that it almost makes one second guess the image. i cant really tell what the second photo is, i feel like you need to be clearer on that one. but overall good work and use of lighting

  12. These nudes are stunning. I love the lighting that you chose to highlight just a certain part of this girls body. Very interesting, makes you think a little harder to what you are looking at.

  13. Initially I was drawn to the top of the two images because of the striking shadows and recognizability. However, after closer inspection of the second, I think that that’s my favorite of the two. I quite enjoy how abstract the second image is – the strong contrast and unique vantage point encourages viewer interaction and exploration.

  14. First of all, these images are lovely. You obviously understand lighting very well. On the other hand, I do not like the photographs displayed side by side. I think they belong in different shoots since one is so private and elegant and the other is much bolder. Very nice work!

  15. I am very drawn into these two image. The way lighting fall towards the body is very beautiful and elegant.

  16. I like how you used lighting! I am rn working on a photography project of human bodies as well but mine is more flat/even lightning. Your work really inspired me maybe I should try with more lighting methods and see what turns out! I like the big contrast in your photos!

  17. Both images here strongly resemble the work of Imogene Cunningham who photographed female bodies almost as if they were landscapes. They lighting is very interesting and adds to the composition in a positive way. I think maybe the subject is almost cliche so I would love to see more experimentation maybe.

  18. These are so stunning!! I love everything you are doing. The contrast and shadows work so well and really abstract the body. I would love to see play even more with the light negative space

  19. I love these photos! They are almost like an optical illusion. When I first saw the second photo, it took me a minute to figure out the way the woman was posed. They are so clear and natural, and the black and white/the lighting really brings out the detail in a special way.

  20. This set is so beautiful. I really enjoy how you used lighting to create such a strong contrast and really pronounced contours. I also really enjoy how much information you gave the viewers in terms of details. It is enough for us to understand what is going on but also keeps us with a bit of mystery.

  21. These photos are beautiful. They have a look that reminds me of film photography even though they are produced as digital prints. You were able to capture such dynamic and interesting lighting angles that make these images even more engaging. That combined with the angles and movement of the body that you were able to catch in a still fame make these two photos incredibly interesting and beautiful.

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