15 thoughts on “Anna Astrova”

  1. Hi Anna,

    The ferocious dog photo reminds me so much of Martin Parr’s work – with the flash and colors. The matching of the dog tag and the figure’s nail polish is a great detail! It’s amusing how an ordinary portrait of dog and best friend turned into such a active print. Great job =)

  2. The lighting and context of these two images lends itself well to comparison. The colors and balance in both of the pictures help them to be recognized as a set. I love these two images together. They really help to balance each other. *and the dog is pretty shiny* Good concept and execution!

  3. the photo with the dog is great. it looks like it is going to come out of the photograph.

    the photo of the light is great too. i enjoy all the black around it. it makes your focal point POP!

  4. i really like the photo with the dog the view point is cool it might have been better if the camera was more focused on the dog and the person in the background was a bit out of focuses

  5. I like the placement of the dog in front of the girl. I looks like that is her alter ego. I also really like how graphic the second picture looks.

  6. the second picture has really good composition and deep and filed . the object is symetric but the composition is not, which makes picture really dynamic.

    i don’t really like the color of first picture. the deep and filed are not enough. the color not confutable and smooth, balance.

  7. The top image is great. I love how it seems to be just a quickly snapped image but there’s something really menacing about it. This fluffy dog is really disturbing and it almost seems to provide this hellish image. The composition really works to that, especially how the dog is cropped off at the top.

  8. I love how different these images are. I’m not sure how they’d work in a series but the snapshot-esque of the dog is playful and fun to look at. I enjoy the cropping as well; you really get a sense of the moment captured. The second photo has great contrast and composition.

  9. I love how you managed to tie two seemingly completely incompatible photographs together by focusing on the color and warmth of the images.

  10. This is a really interesting set. I like how well the warm tones fit together. The picture of the dog is really interesting. I like how you can’t see the eyes, it shows the movement of the picture more. I like the use of negative space in the second picture, it makes the shape stand out more.

  11. I like these photos because they are of two very different things, but the colors go together so well. The top picture gives a hostile feeling of orange because of the objects in the image, but the second photo has a very calm feeling to it. Maybe this is because the picture is mostly the black background. The photos are so different, but they go so well together.

  12. Anna – I love how the two contrasting images are tied together by this warm-toned, neutral golden brown. The offset placement of the figure in the second image contributes to its unique perspective. You really captured this dog having an emotional moment. Cropping out the dog’s eye added more intrigue to the shot.

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