4 thoughts on “Erik Melvin”

  1. Hi!
    These are interesting works. I especially enjoy the top one for the costuming and the gesture. I am curious if the choice to photograph this subject in the environment/backdrop that you used was deliberate. I would also be curious to see the bottom image with some different lighting.

    I am very curious to see more of these works, and perhaps learn a little more about them. I think they have some really great elements!


  2. I really enjoy these photos! The composition with the humor and “dash of fashion” is fantastic. I think it would be neat to see you add some more vibrant colors, or more saturation, if you decide to do more (which you should!). Nice work!

  3. The bottom photo is really striking with the paint rollers but it would be interesting to see it in a different setting. I love the colorful outfit of the top photo in contrast with the blue background.

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