New Jersey City University

Tina Marie Garcia

Tina Marie Garcia
Digital Imaging – Art 357
Digital File

My best friend and I have been documenting our crazy life since our preteen adolescence. When she became became pregnant at 27, I was naturally there with a camera. Here are two of the shots I took of her at 7 months pregnant with Travis John along the shore of Jersey.

14 thoughts on “Tina Marie Garcia”

  1. I feel that the color photo is much more stronger, with the subject (scene and object) really working together. It might be my screen, but the photo is very saturated with high contrast, but I actually prefer that.

  2. The color in the top portrait is beautiful as well as the tone of the black and white below. She seems engulfed in her own thoughts and unaware of everything around her. It mimics a dream sequence in my mind, especially because the colors are not natural.

  3. Gorgeous imagery. The color photo is more striking to me than the black and white one. She seems so calm and peaceful and the images just make me want to jump inside so I can be just as relaxed as she seems to be. I agree with Maija about the dream like quality and the high saturation works very well.

  4. Well, I have a passion for traditional black and white images so it is easy to understand why the second is my favorite. Your choice on the first one to place the pregnant mother looking across the ocean on a pier that never seems to end is a wonderful way to depict the dreams that a mother has for her child. No one knows where the road will lead to and as parents, we must tread carefully on the water so as to not disrupt the becoming of our children.
    The second photo speaks to me as if to say that this mother is already embracing and protecting her child and dreaming of the wonderful ways in which her life is about to change!
    Both images have excellent composition and design and I look forward to seeing more of the series.

  5. I think that everyone is saying the color photo is stronger and I do agree, but I think it is because of the composition in the image. You have her pushed to the right with the diagonal line coming through.. which i think is beautiful.

  6. I would have to say that I enjoy the second photo more within this series. I love the emotions you captured on her face which allows her beauty to really shine through. By placing her to the left you have created interesting space behind her as well. I love the way the shadows fall across her form. I like the first photograph, but I am drawn to the second.

  7. These images are absolutely beautiful! I like the way the subject matter is placed in serene background. I think the background and woman suit each other well. I actually prefer the first photograph in color. I love her blue shirt against the sky. The colors really compliment each other. I also appreciate the second photograph, however I find there to be something dark about it (besides it being a black and white photograph), which doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t gather the mood the photographer was going for here was one of deep intensity so I don’t think it works.

  8. These are not the average candid pregnancy photos and i like it. The top one makes me think she is going to jump, and she looks very peaceful in the bottom one. It almost creates its own litle narrative.

  9. I truly enjoy the composition of the top photo. The color saturation/contrast is nice, but the highlights in the white clouds are a little blown out and distracting. I get pulled into them by the dock she is standing on and spend more time staring at the white space then on your friend. Also her pants blend into the darkness of the waters making for an interesting photo. Personally I would enjoy being able to see the outline of her whole body more. Overall very nice image though!

  10. These pictures are really beautiful. I love the color in the first photo, the different tones of blue and the majestic ocean setting make it incredibly soothing. One improvement I see is that it could have been cropped tighter, I think there is a little too much space from her on all sides. For the photograph below, I probably would have framed her on the other side, so that this photo didn’t seem so constrictive. She is turned left with a peaceful look on her face, so I would want to see her have that breathing room on her left instead of right.

  11. I think the location is nice but the contrast is way too stark in the first photo to really see it. I enjoy the cropping of the second photo and think it really brings the subject to light. The sky in the second photo was also captured beautifully.

  12. Capturing a memory or a major life event is always a fun thing to do. I think its great that you were there to do this for her. Compositionally these images are very strong. I like the placement of the mother’s body al around these images. Technically however I think they are a little to contrasted. Even in the color image the water looks to black and not as bright as someone would hope to portray in an image of such a beautiful life event. The black and white image is beautiful with the clouds in the background however the strong black shadow on her face is a little distracting. With that obstacle in the way, the black and white was a good choice; color would have been to awkward with the shadow.

  13. These two images really capture the beauty of pregnancy and what is to come in the future. These images give me a sense of power and strength, not only for the woman in the images, but for all women who have had a child or are going to have a child in this world. These images shed light on the fact that women are beautiful within any stage of their life and are strong no matter what. Good job with these images.

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