3 thoughts on “Rebecca Holbrook”

  1. The image of the veiled bride is striking within the composition. I REALLY enjoy that the male’s head is cropped off while the full body of the female remains mysterious. For some reason though, the somewhat new siding and newer windows on the house in the background distract me from the anonymous feeling of time and personage of the couple. I really enjoy this image, thanks for sharing!

  2. Both of your photos are very striking! Your use of hiding the face of the subjects, either with cropping or placing an object in front, gives these images their unique quality. The top photo is especially unique, resembling a picture of a tall man from a circus or Guinness book of world records book but instead of displaying him as a show attraction, it displays him in a very humane and normal situation. The photos also have a vintage feel about them that also contributes to the look of an old world record. The second image with the appropriation of the Marilyn Monroe picture makes the pieces meaning much more about feminism. I then look at the woman in the top photo and the importance of the veil increases and well as her dramatically smaller size in relation to her husband. The concept for me is then about a woman’s role in a relationship and what is expected from her from both family traditions and the media. I really enjoy the aesthetic qualities too and I am curious what your concepts behind the photos are.

  3. i think the top one is very interesting.. in the top is she covered because as a woman she doesn’t matter? These images also have a aged feeling to them.

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