16 thoughts on “Cristine Posner”

  1. White balance and other technical aspects of these images seem correct. Though I’m grasping at straws as to as to why these were taken besides aesthetic value and practicing camera technique.

  2. These were part of a photo book I put together to define nature. What is nature in this day and age where there is so much pollution in the air that nothing is natural anymore. There is nothing pristine and untouched in this world because our polluted air touches all things. It is a sad reality to face. I feel as though another sad reality is that these beautiful things which surround us in every moment of our days are taken for granted, and many times overlooked. This dandelion stands tall, strong, and independent among the directional fickle grass. Strong willed and confident, the way I strive to live my life. In the second picture, Mother Nature fights to break free. Roots rise and break through the dirt, leaving the tree vulnerable, “wearing her heart on her sleeve”, or in this case in her knot. The heart of mother nature can be found in many places, if you take the time to look. Sometimes you must not grasp at straws to ask why, but ask yourself why not.

  3. There is always something inherently said when taking pictures of nature and landscape. At first humans were taking the pictures so that they could be shown to others who had never seen such sights, now some of us are taking them because we may never see such sights ever again. Indeed your correct color balance and appropriate saturation does well to make these pictures aesthetically pleasing, which makes me wonder what will life will be like when those aesthetics are diminished.
    However, though I infer a deeper meaning to the aesthetics of the photos, I think that there can be something added to them that can get you meaning across to everyone. I don’t want to say stop taking pictures like these, simply nature in its color and splendor. To explore nature with a camera pictures must be constantly taken of it. But I think you should try an different artistic approach to your statement and meaning as well.
    There are ways to show your anxiety (or perhaps not anxiety but concern) for the destruction of nature through use of symbols or graphics. Maybe a knife stabbed into the ground (just to throw random ideas out there,) or black and white version of your pictures that are in the middle of disappear into static, or even skulls hanging in the sky over mountain tops. Anything that really brings your meaning out of the picture and into our faces in whatever degree you wish.
    Like I said, art of this kind shouldn’t replace the work you have done and showed us here, but I definitely think it’s worth experimenting with.

  4. I think you have nice control of the camera, especially with depth of field, framing, and white balance. That being said, I think that these pictures are otherwise conceptually boring. I feel like I have seen the picture of the dandelion too many times already and that it is nothing new or interesting.

  5. I really enjoy looking at the first image with the dandelion. It just pulls me into it with that fluffy, white flower having such a “pow” effect against that vibrant green grass. Especially, with it being so clear compared to the out of focus background, just fully grabs my attention. With it standing so tall out of the grass all by itself, I think it really grabs the sense of the environmental issue you are portraying.

    The second image has a wonderful sense of texture in it with the crispy dead leaves compared with the bark and dirt. Although, very monochromatic with only a brown scheme, the textures bring this image to life. It is also a nice combination with the vibrant grass image, comparing the textures and colors.

    Very nice images.

  6. I’m fond of the color contrast in this pallid bowing dandelion delivering his monologue to the reaching twig and radiant waving blades of grass! Their relationship is provoking. The colors make my heart sing.

    The decaying knot is so settled and melancholy, a moment in e minor. I like emotional message conveyed in both photographs. Your work is very sincere.

    Great bookI

  7. I really enjoy the color in both of these prints. I really enjoy the composition in the first photograph, but I wish the dandelion was more in focus. The second print is very beautiful and if you were trying to capture texture in nature it was done very well. My eye wanders a lot in the second print and almost wish I had something that was primary focus so that my eye has somewhere to rest.

  8. The top photo really caught my eye when I was scrolling through. I like the simplicity of the photo and how you can see the texture and all the shades of the grass. Having the background unfocused allows more focus on the dandelion.

  9. I love the color and texture of the grass in the first picture; it adds a nice contrast to the softness of the dandelion and really makes it stand out. The eye is directed to the offset dandelion and then back through the grass to create nice movement.

  10. These photographs are very similar to ones that I have started taking. The color and simple elements of nature are organically intriguing, I really enjoy your compositions and subject matter. The macro view of things we normally overlook is an interesting concept, and you are bringing out those elements well.On the top image, however, I would have liked to see the main focus on the dandelion head instead of in the middle of the frame, focused on the blades of grass. That’s just my personal opinion, though the blades also present interesting patterns and shapes.

  11. I really enjoy the first picture. I think it would be interesting though to see what it would look like with the focus on the dandelion rather than the grass. The colors are great though! I think the second one has a good composition but could be brightened a bit maybe? Just some of the leaves could be more saturated and I think it would really add to the picture.

  12. Great job. I love the depth field in this photo. The nature is simply amazing. The focus on the dandelion caught my eye right away. I loved how clear the pebbles were in the second photo. You really did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.

  13. I love the microscopic idea behind these images. So often we walk past the beauty in things that are right under our feet and I feel that you enhanced the beauty in the “little things.” You have great colors and depth of field in the first picture. I also like that the monochromatic tones of the second image.

  14. The composition of this work is really great! I’m unsure as to whether you found the wood and leaves like that or staged them, but either way it’s really working with the positive and negative space. I would love to see you do work with these nature subjects again but with a macro lens in order to get in close and capture even more detail

  15. I like the contrast in subjects in the photos.I think it would be cool to get closer with a macro lens to see what details you could capture since they are interesting nature shots. They are very engaging photos.

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