U of Wisconsin, Madison

Paul Baker Prindle



Paul Baker Prindle
Art 996; Graduate Work
40″ x 40″

This is from a series called Proscenium. My art practice is founded upon my interest in representations of identity in visual culture. I represent gay and queer in a way that reflects upon, creates, and contests such identities. My subjects are complicit in a performance that is at times representative of their personal, lived enactment of their sexuality and at other times co-operative in a construction that arises within the imagination of the viewer. In many cases both performance and an imposed reading exist together. My photographs of people and the spaces they inhabit function within a field of constantly shifting meaning; this work is in some ways taxonomic. My goals focus on identifying the uniqueness of gay and queer cultures and performance. I am very interested in how images are viewed and believe that understanding viewership is key to understanding how images work.

Marshall University

Rebecca Holbrook



Rebecca Holbrook
Advanced Photo Studio: Graduate
Silver Gelatin Prints
Individual Images: 3×3 inches
Untitled Series

These grids are part of a series of environmental photographs and portraits that examine the people and places that inhabit family albums. This series of work is a fabrication of the rural and class-specific social structure and history that is apparent in the vernacular images that have inspired it.