Marshall University

Rebecca Holbrook



Rebecca Holbrook
Advanced Photo Studio: Graduate
Silver Gelatin Prints
Individual Images: 3×3 inches
Untitled Series

These grids are part of a series of environmental photographs and portraits that examine the people and places that inhabit family albums. This series of work is a fabrication of the rural and class-specific social structure and history that is apparent in the vernacular images that have inspired it.

4 thoughts on “Rebecca Holbrook”

  1. Since the series is so small on here it is hard to evaluate the individual images, however as a whole I really like the elements you have strung together here. I like how the squares and the grid really integrate with the actual structure of the elements within the photographs. From what I can tell the tonal values look great, however you might consider toning down some of the white parts of the photographs near the edges so that you make sure to keep your clean crisp lines without your photos bleeding into the background. In your description you mention that you are examining the people and places that inhabit family albums, and I would be interested to see what would be added to this series by adding more environmental portraits of the individuals which inhabit these spaces as well.

  2. I think images in a series is a great way to look at this kind of work. There are so many things to look at in the specific environment that you would have a hard time editing the images down to a smaller series. I think seeing this many images makes these places seem important. I really enjoy looking at each image and evaluating them as a whole.

  3. I think the way you grouped many small images together tells a story in a very interesting way. The small size of each photo creates a more intimate relationship with the viewer and commands closer attention. The way each photo is heavily contrasted is also successful.

  4. I really love the idea of grouping a series into a single piece or several pieces like you have here. It allows the viewer to not dwell too much on detail but rather feel the essence of what you are trying to convey. I think this really portrays the “family album” concept you are working towards and I think this is an interesting issue because there are so many random scenes found in family photographs that may hold no meaning to most but are deeply meaningful to a few people. I also really enjoy how the series is more or less broken down into an interior view and an exterior view of these homes. It would be interesting to see more people, perhaps cropped or candid or someway of not causing the viewer to just stare at the faces but look at the essence of the people.

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