6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hecker”

  1. I like this concept of photographing the same subject in different locations. Each individual and the couch look disheveled in a complimenting way to the area that it is in. I don’t know if the angled horizion line was intentional but I think it does the image justice seems like the couch and person are falling or leaning one way or the other it almost gives the people another depth of interest.

  2. I really like this as a series! Would you perhaps post a link with the rest of the pictures that we could see? I think having them in black and white gives them a sense of nostalgia, and with the floral pattern of the couch it’s really great. I definitely prefer the first image. The subject is closer and has a very disinterested expression and the combination of that with the tie and the pose make for an excellent composition. I think I would find the second image more interesting if the subject were similarly framed.

  3. The obvious consistencies of the series are really working here. Being able to draw from this black and white, nostalgic feel really bring the viewer back to this idea of repetition and reliving a lost time. Maybe add some more directed lighting and work a bit on the more subtle consistencies might really bring this series to the next level. For example, compose each image similarly with the couch at the same distance from the camera, located in the same place within the composition.

  4. I think this is a fun concept and is especially strong in the first image where the floral pattern on the couch pops against the plain background. I also like that the guy is wearing a suit, I think that makes it more playful.

  5. The second image is successful due to leading lines, the rule of thirds and contrast. I am interested in the actions of the subject who is sitting on a couch outside of what may be a school building. The texture of the clouds makes the day appear to be more gloomy and drearier and the shine from the sun at the upper right hand side creates more of a dramatic image.

  6. I find this photo series funny but also very intriguing. It makes me wonder how I’m supposed to feel. Or if I am even supposed to feel anything. It is a unique subject matter with a retro feel. I love when film photos reflect the era when film was the only mode of photography. It makes me feel almost like I can time travel so I really appreciate that aspect of these.

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