Western Michigan University

Morgana Skelton



Morgana Skelton
Art 5480 Advanced Photography Workshop
Silver gelatin prints; 15″ x 15″

In this ongoing series what started out as an exploration of self portraiture, has devolved into the study of reflections and distorted perspectives on the verge of abstraction. I am not trying to re-represent an absent object or space but rather trying to create an image that rejects the clearly recognizable. I am striving for the audience to have a unique experience when viewing these pieces, if it be claustrophobia, confusion or even misinterpretation, my work is meant to frustrate rather than clarify, chaos is the leading motivator behind my work.

Youngstown State University

Erik Melvin



Erik Melvin
Topics in Advanced Photography
8″x8″ Digital Prints in a series of about 20 total

In this series, I am exploring the place that I call ‘home’. After being away for a few months, I began to notice the quirks and interesting oddities that make up the environment surrounding me on the most personal level. In the end, I am hoping to become reacquainted with my home trough these images as they become more and more familiar. As for the size of the prints, smaller seems to be working because of the personal subject photographed.