9 thoughts on “Miranda Fields”

  1. I am interested by this series– I was curious and had to go look up Andrea Feldman and Sylvia Path to see how they died. How are you going about selecting your famous individuals, models, and their environments? I like the lighting you are using, it has a sort of eerie feeling to me, which goes well with the theme of immortality.

  2. I really like the idea for this work, but I feel that they should be a bit more… morbid? without the statement I really don’t get the concept of immortality or suicide, I want to have more of an eerie feeling towards these images, the lighting is working well for this, but I think its the posing that leads me away from your intent.

  3. This is an interesting concept but I am really bothered by the shadows cast by the subjects. Is this intentional?

  4. the shadows are intentional. it was actually a subject brought up in my last critique. shadows are a very symbolic symbol that have a lot of religious content (that i can’t really get into in this tiny comment box, haha) but yes, i want them to be displayed. they are a bit distracting but i took one out and it lost the lighting effect afterwards.

    and i’m working on the eerie feeling, haha. i want my subjects to smile in the posing (perhaps that’s what’s throwing you off? i dont know) to show that they are not second-guessing their action. i want to capture the very last moment before they end their life. i want it to feel as though the viewer is invading on a private matter but that it is not a “mistake.”

    THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTIONS!! i’ll work on the eerie feeling for my next images!!

  5. I think this is a interesting series, but i am a little confused on why you choose to have your models smile. Suicide is not an act to be taken lightly. If irony is intended than you should say so. But you say “I want to capture the very last moment before they end their life.” which to me shouldn’t be ironic if done in an objective way. These women killed themselves because they were feeling enough pain to believe life wasn’t worth living anymore! Thats a powerful feeling! I dont know much about Andrea Fieldman but Sylvia Plath was and still is arguably one of the greatest poets ever. And yet you choose to portray her last moment smiling with cookies and milk waiting for santa? looking at this piece in one light I feel insulted that you would choose to portray suicide of greatly influential people in such a light hearted “eerie” way. that said, if seen ironically these images are really pretty funny and make me wonder why all artists seem to be labeled as sad and suicidal. I think even Sylvia Plath might agree with me on that. Her poetry always seemed laced with a dark sense of humor. I guess the point is… Your work takes me two different ways. One evokes some important mental fodder concerning fame, memory, suicide, place, love whatever. And one, to me, pokes fun at these women’s final moments. Its a fine line. Im sorry, this sounded mean. The truth is I really love the whole southern Gothic humor presented. Your statement just ruined it for me. I might just name these pictures by name of corresponding famous person and leave it at that… Otherwise you might get jerks like me talking about the degradation of memory… Unless thats what you wanted =) have a beautiful day! one last thought. Sylvia plath tried killing herself multiple times. makes me wonder why she kept messing up… of coarse Andrea
    Feldman defiantly didn’t second guess. Im glad I was never her ex.

  6. To me, these pictures don’t suggest that the viewer is invading. The viewer seems welcomed- the models seemed very posed, calm, centrally composed and spot lit. Without your comments your intention is essentially unreadable. Your images seem to be saying something different than you are intending.

  7. The top photograph seems eerie and i could pick up the message of death from the dark colors and robotic pose. The second photo looks inviting and more cheerful. I don’t exactly understand how the concept relates to the photographs. You might want to include other elements and consider your color palette to the make message clearer.

  8. The second image has a very nice shadow of the subject and although it is clearly daytime from the natural light of the windows, there is a darker feeling emitted from the image due to the dark shadows surrounding and underneath the subject. From her position and hand on her arm, she looks like she is waiting for something to happen or for someone to enter the room, which makes me curious about the story this image tells.

  9. Both images are well done technically. They have good composition and tone. But I am not getting your message about suicide or seeing that they are supposed to represent famous people. I think you can do more to stage the scene to push that message across.

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