Youngstown State University

Sarah Amelia Clarke



Sarah Amelia Clarke
Topics in Advanced Photography
digital prints; 12″ x 12″
series of 7

My work for this project was inspired by the movie Seven. After watching this movie, I knew I wanted to make sloth, lust, wrath, greed, vanity, gluttony, and envy my subjects. I wanted these to be very vibrant and sensual, and to have the glamorous appeal that such a forbidden subject can sometimes have.

U of Wisconsin, Madison

Sarah Jane Ripp



Sarah Jane Ripp
Art 576 – Advanced Photography
Inkjet Prints; 11″ X 17″
2 prints from a series of 20 prints in progress

In this series I am exploring items that collect around living spaces, and therefore create records of daily life. Though unintentional, these items become a keepsake of sorts. The series focuses on subjects such as dust, mold, stains, and objects that would normally be thrown out quickly, yet seem to accumulate.