University of Arizona

Jason Sims



Jason Sims
ART 344: Digital Photography
digital prints; 5×8 inches
Number of total images in series: 40

Artist statement:
The visual devices employed were specifically chosen to represent a void of creativity I was experiencing during the book’s creation.The series progresses from a blanket of white at the beginning, myself then appearing as a mere speck, a continual infiltrating zoom that at the climax isolates the essential features of my face, and finally a recession back to a speck and then nothing. The title itself has been appropriated from the novel based movie “Never Ending Story”, wherein the lack of imagination of modern humans has materialized into a catastrophic force, “the nothing”, that obliterates the world of Fantasia.

11 thoughts on “Jason Sims”

  1. I really like the perspective of these. The lighting and depth of field are perfect for the images— the detail is great! The idea for the series is intriguing and I am curious as to how the 40 images all look together.

  2. Nice job on the effective simplicity of your images. I would like to see them together as a series as well to see how the story unfolds.

  3. I think this is a prime example how photographing the same image over and over again can remain interesting. Simplistic images can often be more difficult because it demand perfection in them. By having no background we focus all our attention on him so he has to be rendered flawlessly or we’ll notice any imperfection. I think there are very nicely done.

  4. The negative space in the bottom image is really great. You have created an isolation of the subject, and really make for a unique mood in the photo. That additional space really makes for a unique composition and I feel makes this image.

  5. I love how these images show the different feelings photographs can evoke when taken from different viewpoints. I am also curious to see all of the images together.

  6. While both images have a serious tone to them, I get a whimsical vibe as well. The minimalist composition along with the body language (looking upward, standing very closed in), feel almost cartoonish. For me, these components give a simplified taste of early adulthood – looking serious, but still feeling a longing for childhood. I love these.

  7. Very interesting and beautiful compositions. I get a sense of looking up to something beyond from the subject. I like the grey tones but I wonder what they would look like if you boosted the contrast a little bit.

  8. I really enjoy how you were able to make the background a complete and stark white. Its possible that it was in a studio or maybe you just dodged it all of the background but it is unbelievable. I also rather enjoy the fact that it is the same pose in each composition but a different angle. It creates a really interesting piece.

  9. The negative space in the bottom image works great to create depth of field.You have created an isolation with subject, and it creates a unique feel in the photo. I get a 90’s feel to the bottom photo as well. Like something I would see as a 90’s album cover.

  10. I am very drawn to both of these photos for multiple reasons. The lighting is very soft and makes the subject glow against the white background. The lighting captured in the eyes in the first photo is beautiful. Also love the way you explored different angles.

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