University of Arizona

Miranda Morrison



Miranda Morrison
ART 344 Intermediate Digital photography
Digital prints; 8 x 10
part of series of 12

This was a collaborative series dealing with social personas and the tools we use to enable those personas. We often put up shields or masks to guard and even hide our truest selves to the outside world.

2 thoughts on “Miranda Morrison”

  1. These images describe the person’s persona well. I like the high contrast it adds to the person’s hard or edgy look. The blurred sweater on is distracting try using a faster shutter speed.

  2. I really like this idea, it is relatable and pertinent. Here you’ve shown his persona, his outward projection of himself, but it feels incomplete. I’d like to see the other side to him, how he is on the inside reflected on the outside, or even a hint somewhere that this is not who he actually is. I think it would make these photographs even stronger. Compositionally, I really like the first photograph. It definitely evokes the tough-guy vibe you were going for.

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