U of Wisconsin, Madison

Sarah Jane Ripp



Sarah Jane Ripp
Art 576 – Advanced Photography
Inkjet Prints; 11″ X 17″
2 prints from a series of 20 prints in progress

In this series I am exploring items that collect around living spaces, and therefore create records of daily life. Though unintentional, these items become a keepsake of sorts. The series focuses on subjects such as dust, mold, stains, and objects that would normally be thrown out quickly, yet seem to accumulate.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Jane Ripp”

  1. I love that you are focusing on the commonly overlooked in these images. In doing this, it forces the viewer to confront everyday things are are generally passed over. The color in the photographs is very vivid and beautiful as well.

  2. Sara-

    The bottom image is really great. You pull a lot of beauty and interest out of something so ordinary and well… kinda gross. The color, texture, and tone in that image are really special. I like this series a lot.

  3. I really enjoy the extreme close up idea used in these images. Each photo is equally beautiful in spite of what they actually depict. I would love to see the rest of the series and see what types of objects were chosen. I really love the focus on texture rather than what the subject actually is. I think it would be interesting to try putting some of these in some sort of context or group subjects together.

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